Run the Globe Sticker Set



RUN the Globe – Help spread the word and rep our global event with this 3×3 in sticker!

40,075 – You are helping us circumvent the entire globe – 40,075 km! Mark your car or water bottle with pride for contributing to this global event for domestic violence survivors with this 3×5 in sticker.

Speak Your Truth – Speak Your Truth Today is a 501(c)3 nonprofit amplifying the voices of victims and survivors of domestic violence. Spread the word of our mission with this 3×3 in sticker!

Speakerphone – This 2×2 in speakerphone sticker is to encourage you to speak your truth!

That’s Not Normal – Help educate those around you about abuse with this 3×3 in sticker that includes the domestic violence hotline phone number.


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