Travel Safety Course For Women

Do you want to travel but worry about your safety? You're not alone.

More than 60% of women say fears about their safety keep them from traveling.

It's time to change that! Girls Who Travel, the #1 travel empowerment community for women, has created the most in-depth female travel safety course out there.

Whether you're a first time traveler or an experienced globetrotter, this course is designed to help you quickly get the tools you need to feel safe and be safe. 

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What You Get

The most in-depth travel safety
course for women available!

  • Save hundreds of hours: get everything you need in one place, quickly
  • Easy, actionable tips for everything from document safety to personal safety
  • 60+ pages of in-depth content
  • Customizable worksheets
  • On-demand video course
  • Links to the best safety products
  • Expert interviews with travel and safety specialists

Topics Include:

  • Personal Safety
  • Document Safety
  • Money Safety
  • Phone Safety
  • Medical Safety
  • Drugs and Alcohol Safety
  • First Aid
  • Weather Safety
  • Airport Safety
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Accommodations Safety
  • Surroundings Safety
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Feel empowered, not scared

It's normal to avoid thinking about the scary "what ifs.' We approach safety from a positive place that inspires you to feel empowered, not scared.

No black belt needed

You won't be learning karate in this course. We'll show you how you can take small but powerful steps to keep yourself safe without earning a black belt. 

360 protection

Safety is about more than self defense. This course will look at all the ways to protect yourself from ensuring your data is safe to keeping your hotel room secure.

Learn from the best

We partnered with experts from around the world to bring you top safety tips. 

Customizable worksheets

It's easy to be prepared with customizable worksheets for everything from important contacts to a first aid packing list that you can use again and again.

On demand video course

We will walk you through each page of the toolkit, so you can watch or listen at your convenience.


Answer: Everyone. New and experienced travelers alike can learn important ways to keep themselves safe. There's important information in here for all women!

Customers Say…


I will be adding all the tips to my routine for travel.  I really appreciate the worksheets because we can already be overwhelmed when planning a trip, and the checklists help such an important part of trip planning.



The course went beyond identifying safety concerns, but systematically guided me on how to handle situations. This gave me some sense of control, thus significantly reducing anxiety



I have done quite a bit of traveling in my life, yet I still found useful tips in the toolkit. I now have a preparation to-do list and items to buy for a safer and more sustainable travel.


Valued at over $1,500

Insider hacks ($600)
Video course ($450)
Worksheets ($300)
Expert interviews ($500)



Over $1,500 worth of content

Available for: $40

Travel Safety Course Pages 1

$20 for a limited time

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